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★ How to Fix Lag/Play/Run 'Shadow Warrior 2' on LOW END PC – Low Specs Patch

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★ How to Fix Lag/Play/Run ‘Shadow Warrior 2’ on LOW END PC – Low Specs Patch

Hello everyone Ragnos here with yet another Low Specs Experience optimization video, in this video I’ll be showing you how to improve general performance and reduce or completely fix lag in Rise of the Shadow Warrior 2 on your low specs PC/low end PC

Specs I tested this on:
Intel Core i3-4005U @1.7GHz
NVidia GeForce GT720M

Download Low Specs Experience:

Connect with me:
Contact E-Mail: contact@ragnos1997.com

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  1. Whenever I click the download link and skip the ad, I keep getting redirected to these shitty bogus sites with a bunch of random bullshit on them like " chrome extensions " and such. Any idea what might be wrong?


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