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10 Applications you should have on your Blackberry Passport/Classic/Q10/Z10/Q5/Z30/Z3

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These are my apps that i use on an everyday basis. These are apps that I use most frequently on all my BlackBerry 10 devices (Q10 Z10 Z30 Q5 Z3 LEAP CLASSIC PASSPORT and VENICE)

my top 10 apps for your blackberry 10 device.

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  1. For a sweaty palm person like me, Blackberry keypad is really helpful, especially when you're into typing. It also have decent (although not the best) hardware to play current 3D games. I've been using Blackberry devices for 7 years. 3" screen on Q series is to small for me. If they make the screen larger on Q series I would definitely buy it. Priv is too expensive for me and looks kinda fragile.

  2. Hi…
    Can you make another video for apps available in 2016 on BB10. Many apps like Whatsapp and FB will no longer be available on BB 10…

    Basically can you upload a video which can get us an idea of which productive, utility apps are available at present…

  3. I just bought the Q10 after being on the galaxy s4 for over two years, I was an avid blackberry user for many years and I will say this…Blackberry has done everything right with this OS, it is buttery smooth, very easy to go from app to app, no freezes no slow downs, apps run very nicely,I am still an android fan as well, dont get me wrong the s4 is a beast of a phone, but now every phone is getting bigger and bigger and becoming a gimmick, the new iphone is a joke, ipad with a stylus that you have to recharge? Like really? And you icrap users will go out and spend 900-1300 for this? wow, if you are looking for something simple, secure, runs flawless, BB10 is a huge improved OS.I took the chance on BB10 and am very very pleased


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