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2018 Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Steel (BOND/BLACK) Luxury Watch Review

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  1. Tim I have to comment something that has bothered me in pretty much every video you post… You turn the bezerl WAY too fast and "choppy". I suggest a bit slower fluid movement for the viewers to get a better idea of how the bezel action feels. Cheers!

  2. Tim, you say this is the best diver Omega has made yet in the 43.5mm ceramic/titanium video you say that is the best diver and you "don't care for the rest" and actually referred to this 42mm model as "conservative and mainstream." I enjoy your reviews, but would appreciate less BS and more of a genuine review. You strongly influenced me into buying a Bathyscaphe last year which was the worst purchase of my life. Sold soon after and lost $4K.

  3. Having previously owned/sold many dive watches from almost every brand …..

    This is my favorite dive watch ever made when taking into account the MSRP + discount and the value omega gives. This watch now shits on the current submariner in my opinion. I wear this daily on bracelets and absolutely love it

  4. I thought I was going to get the ss version of this, but after I tried on the rubber- wow! It was so comfortable. On my GMT Master I swapped to an Everest band and comparing the two, I have to say this is much better. Rubber is absolutely the way to go on this one. I asked my AD to put in an order for a ss anyway though just to have it, and it will take 2 weeks to get to me. The AD here in SF also said that the rubber is so popular that the wait time to get it is up to 6 months.

  5. Nobody uses the helium escape valve (for letting helium escape). It's there for playing with. It's great that Omega made it operable under water, simply because that means that the watch will stay waterproof it someone futzes with the valve and happens to leave it in the open position before submerging the watch. I'd guess that more than a few of these older Seamasters have been water-damaged over the years, due to the owner mistakenly leaving the valve open, for no particular reason, before going for a swim.


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