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Advanced Debugging with Arduino Boards

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Debugging an Arduino board is no trivial task. Atmel’s Bob Martin explains how simple it can be to debug your Arduino-based project using an Atmel Xplained Mini board.

How to take your Arduino prototype to the next level:

Atmel Xplained Mini:

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  1. Looks like the Atmel ICE & Atmel Studio only works flawless as long you use the Uno and code only with Atme Studio. As soon you try to debug a Mega and imported sketches (e.g. using SPI.h) you get in trouble. Could be smoother…

  2. Nick, I'm looking to use a SAM processor for our new product. One thing I want to find out is that how long is the chip going to be available? Is the chip going to be discontinued in the next 10 years? if you are not sure, Can you point me where I can get the answer! Thank you


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