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ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test, Battery, Speakers & Cameras!

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ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test, Battery Life, Speakers & Camera Test! ASUS ROG Phone II Amazon USA (affiliate): …

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  1. its just tenth of a second faster than iphone in some apps. but still, with double the RAM it should have been a lot faster and a noticeable difference along with snapdragon 855. so in my opinion Asus is again no match with Iphone. imagine buying both and then later try to sell both. apple holds its value for years. and there are many who dont even know Asus.
    but still,,its my opinion.

  2. #PhoneBattles I think many people say that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a good camera, but why at 14:52, the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera has a hard time capturing the details of the stairs, the bridge posts. Even at 14:59, the iPhone 11 Pro Max couldn't capture the details of the 2 white vans that passed by. I think the fans and manufacturers have overestimated this phone brand. Yes, it's true that this brand is exclusive, but this is exclusive because this brand only uses its own application and this exclusivity is of course related to the safety of this brand, where the application has gone through compatibility so that it can run on their own products. So it is not surprising that the iPhone application runs smoothly on iPhonen cellphones because the iPhone knows where the ability of the iPhone cellphone is. Unlike Android which accepts third-party applications with all the bugs and compatibility problems that exist in the application. but when viewed from the other side what the iPhone is doing is contrary to the principles of free trade which are always echoed by a developed country. such as the example of the case of Harley Davidson who carried out a monopoly in the USA with government assistance to limit all sides of the product from outside the USA. there are even cases where a person who will install a basic application from an ISP cannot do it on an iPhone. even though the application is part of the ISP service to customers. The application can be installed if opening these permissions and permissions requires icloud. So the question is what if the iCloud code is forgotten? not everyone remembers this icloud code, the reason is because, first they bought an iphone just as a part of their lifestyle, to look rich in the social environment and they forgot their basic needs when they wanted to buy a smart phone. want to look exclusive but don't want to be compared exclusively.

  3. honestly the difference for loading smaller apps was so close for both phones i think that it was honestly just the difference in time of selecting the apps with both hands. That process could have been better executed by taking a slomo and seeing the time difference exactly. but other than that i liked the video.


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