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Asus Zenfone 5Z IPS LCD Screen Repair Guide | Asus Zenfone 5z ZS620KL

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This video will show you how to repair the broken Asus Zenfone 5Z screen.
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In this video I’ll show you how to replace the broken screen of Zenfone 5Z. Trouble about the crack screen display? Does your Zenfone 5Z LCD Screen got crack when accidentally drop? Follow this repair guide and fix that damaged screen of Asus Zenfone 5Z.

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1. Hair Dryer/Heat Gun –
2. Plastic Card –
3. Tweezers –
4. PH#000 Screwdriver –

Step1 Take out the SIM card tray
Step2 Remove the back cover
Step3 Remove the loudspeaker
Step4 Remove the motherboard
Step5 Remove the battery
Step6 Remove the screen
Step7 Test the new screen
Step8 Install the new screen
Step9 Put back the back cover

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  1. Hi Guys from Wit Rigs,

    I have a Zenfone 5z that turns on, but the screens remais black, with no signal, but if a press the touch screen, i can fell the vibrator working and the loudspeaker works too …

    I thought that the LCD was broken, but when i tested with another LCD screen, its doesnt work too, i think my mother board is working, but failure in the LCD part, do you guys have another motherboard to sell, or schematic of this board, or even some tips for me ?

  2. I followed your video and successfully replaced my screen, but since then I randomly loss cell signal. The phone will say no service, I have went back through everything 3 times to make sure every connection is good, everything time I look I see no problems. Any suggestions


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