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BETTER THAN DUOLINGO: The 5 Best Language Learning Tools and Apps

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Here are the top 5 LANGUAGE LEARNING APPS and TOOLS as recommended from Days of French ‘n’ Swedish.

Using any of these links for the services described really helps me out and will allow me to keep making the best language learning videos out there (if you don’t agree that this video is good then actually we do agree… I have much better ones now).

You can read my more in depth thoughts on the front lines of language learning and help me do this more often and one day get to make a video in Sweden here:

LingQ is a platform that teaches you a new language by reading material with your native language as a support. I don’t like the design but the technique is very effective:

iTalki. You can get $10 credit applied to your account when you make your first purchase, or you can just check it out for free using this link, which also helps me out by allowing me to take more language lessons:

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Language learning videos, tips and techniques!

The 5 best language apps or tools that you can use to learn languages:
Duolingo may be the most famous but it’s not the best, in fact, it isn’t even that good. There are at least five or six apps better than Duolingo, and I am going to talk about my favourite ones and how I use them.

Number 4:
An e-reading platform with a few features. The first is that it should give you access to books in your target language if they are otherwise difficult to get (which they are with Swedish). Here is a link to Google books which has a bunch of digital text books (careful not to get lost for days in here!):

I also use Bookmate because it has material in some less common languages such as Swedish, Danish, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian and Polish:

Number 3:
This app is AWESOME. Music speed changer. I now use it as my regular mp3 player, because it has all the features of a normal music app, but a whole lot of bonus ones that make is PERFECT for language learning:

Number 2:
Busuu. In my opinion, this is the only one of these specific language learning ‘apps’ that actually UNDERSTANDS what it TAKES to learn a language to fluency. It doesn’t just drill vocab and structure like Duolingo or the Babbel app. It asks you to speak:

Benny Lewis advocates for ‘speak from day 1’, but if that’s a bit much for you, Busuu definitely eases you into that, which is fantastic. Additionally, there’s a great community of people who use it.

Number 1:
The hard to pronounce but easy to use auxiliary app for recording Skype conversations. Please use this app responsibly and don’t share footage of other people without their permission. (The teachers who appear in this video have given me permission to use this footage).

Evaer is a good app anyway but it’s great when paired with iTalki:

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  1. Thanks for this video! However, one app got something wrong: no one writes "CHUIS pas pressé(e)!" the first word doesn't exist in French. We simply drop the subject and say "Suis pas pressé(e)"… Facile!

  2. Many many thanks for your advice and information! Currently learning Russian for 1 year. I can't believe I can now read in Russian and understand elementary conversations. BTW I'm Saudi Arabian and I have lived in Australia for nearly 4 years from 2008-2012. It was one of my best years of my life. I made lots of friends and good memories.. Accept my regards and I hope you will keep posting these useful videos for language learners.

  3. Gday mate, quick question i used to be on italki and could make friends and chat but now i recently downloaded it again and it appears they only have tutors now, has something changed and they got rid of the friend section or maybe i cant work out the new format🤔
    Thanks in advance

  4. I guess you can make comparisons between "programs" for the "obvious" languages, but if you want to learn a "small" language you may not have much of a choice. I happen to know about Duolingo because there's like 2 million people using it to learn ESPERANTO. How many of those will become active users of the language remains to be seen

  5. I used Busuu to start learning French this summer but stopped bc I didn't want to pay. You convinced me though, so I took advantage of cyber Monday sales and just paid for a 12 premium plus account. (Sticking to it will be interesting)

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  7. This is the first video I watched on your channel looking for an app to learn a language with. I like the way you approach langauge leaning. I believe you genuinley know how a language is acquired or learned. Besides you sound very trustworthy helping others learn languages not trying to sell stuff. Please don’t lose it. I have subscribed your channel and thank you. 🙂 PS: what do you think of Rosetta Stone. Now I am looking into Buusu.

  8. I'm a bit late to the party but I was wondering how you'd go about choosing books to read that would be good for beginners. I'm currently learning Spanish and wanted to practice my reading but I find it hard to find the right level books, maybe I'm looking wrong


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