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Bios Password Reset | Dell Optiplex 3010

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In this Video I show How to reset the Bios Password on a Dell Optiplex 3010.
UPDATE:The Bios/UEFI is a firmware that is stored in a Chip on a motherboard and it is the first piece of Code that runs on a Computer.
When you make changes on the Bios, these changes are not stored on the Bios itself, but on a Memory Chip called CMOS. Therefore in reality you Reset the Password on the CMOS not The Bios.
However, because of the common lingo in the tech support world BIOS is more broadly used.

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  1. Like many others have said, thank you for your contribution. I purchased many of little Dell PCs used (in bulk) and all shipped with unknown admin BIOS passwords. Likely configured by wise IT personnel in corporate environments 🙂


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