1. Hey, brother thanks for the awesome tutorial however when I validate the credentials it can only validate the incorrect details even if the correct data is inserted it's still redirecting me to the index page as though I input wrong data, pls help..anyone?

  2. I am new to coding and code igniter, while following this video and learn to code, I tried to log in, I get the following error: input->post('username'); $arr['password'] = md5($this->input->post('password')); return $this->db->get_where('users',$arr)->row(); } }
    An uncaught Exception was encountered

    Type: RuntimeException

    Message: C:wampwwwtestapplicationmodels/User.php exists, but doesn't declare class User

    Filename: C:wampwwwtestsystemcoreLoader.php

    Line Number: 340


    File: C:wampwwwtestapplicationcontrollersadminLogin.php

    Line: 12

    Function: model

    File: C:wampwwwtestindex.php

    Line: 315

    Function: require_once

    Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  3. In the construct function of Login.php , is 'admin' in '$this->session->userdata('admin') dynamic? I mean, for example, there are other valid admin users, if their username is not 'admin', is this code still applicable? Thank you and great videos by the way. Very helpful.

  4. A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice

    Message: Undefined variable: x

    Filename: admin_view/view.php

    Line Number: 2


    File: C:xampphtdocsPSAUapplicationviewsadmin_viewview.php
    Line: 2
    Function: _error_handler

    File: C:xampphtdocsPSAUapplicationcontrollersLOGINdashboard.php
    Line: 32
    Function: view

    File: C:xampphtdocsPSAUindex.php
    Line: 315
    Function: require_once

    please help

  5. i have question, i made table.php which is run a query in /application/views , when i try to run table.php in address bar its said: Forbidden

    You don't have permission to access /ci/application/views/table.php on this server.

    how do i solve this, Thank you


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