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Detroit Diesel 8V71TA injectors, valves and jake brake installation and adjustments.

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Installing injectors, jake and adjusting the valves on a Detroit diesel 2 stroke 8V71. This also applies to any of the 53 series, 71 Series, and 92 Series mechanical engines.


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  1. good greeting .

    There is a diesel fuel leak in the oil tank of a Detroit 8-cylinder engine, please tell me why and how to fix it.
    does adjusting the air and exhaust valves have anything to do with this problem ?

    Great video very helpful to me

  2. Great video. Very thorough. I live in NW Georgia and am looking for a good bus mechanic that also understands the Detroit 2 stroke engines. Mine is ready for some repairs, adjustments, etc. Maybe even a rebuild. Don't quite know yet. Any recommendations? Thanks….

  3. Cool video. Thanks for sharing. I want to install a Jake brake on my 1988 mack Dm it has a 237 Maxitorque motor that was rebuild by certified mack mechanic friend of mine 12 Years ago and I parked it after a month of running the truck.. Economy reasons. I always wanted to install a jake on this mack .Is this kind of easy to do. Im watching you on this video and it doesnt seem that back.. Do you have videos on just to install a jake on a mack truck?

  4. Thank you I have been asking if anyone knows how to flag the injectors on the 71 series or 92 series and no one ,,,,no one answers me ,,,brown ,,,,white yellow ,,,,and red ,,,I have all 8 of the flags that you set while the motor is running but no answers all so if you change the tips of the injectors from the original 6 spray holes to the 8 spray holes then run 1/2 diesel to 1/2 kerosene that thing will run like a scalded dog ,,,,a 238 6cly 318 350 430 ,,,,,males a big difference in the power curve on those old Detroit

  5. I had a leak of fuel into my oil. I checked the torque and the sound of the crossover tubes. They all sounded good except one of them. got movement on probably 5 or more of the nuts … but some were found to be over torqued. I have eteched (scratched) the oil level on the dipstick so i can see if i start "making crankcase oil again. Should i consider just replacing the crossover tubes?


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