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Google Cloud Tutorial 2 – How to setup SMTP mail server – PART 1

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In this tutorial, I show how to setup mail server on Google Cloud platform using package called iRedMail.

In part 1 of this tutorial, I will show how to setup:
– Mail server
– DNS records
– Open firewall rules
– Connect to mail server

Part 2 will include how to:
– Setup relay server using SendGrid
– Disable grey list that might block important incoming mails
– Something more?

My pronouncing is very bad, so I chose to use text2speech, let me know in comments was it good or bad!

Also let me know in comments what kind of tutorial you would like to see.


iRedMail documentation:

iRedMail download:

iRedMail DNS documentation:

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  1. Doesn't work.

    Did you need to register/transfer your domain to Google Domains (I had to create records in Cloud DNS, but the domain is not registered/authorized there, so it's illogical for it to be used and working for IMAP)

  2. I created 2525 incoming+outgoing port but cyberpanel says connection refused because of routes. Is there any needed route settings? Please help me. I dont want to use 3rd party service until i couldnt set on google cloud.


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