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Hanoi Old Quarter | CRAZY Cheap North Face!

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Location: Hanoi Old Quarter New Facebook Page – Visiting the Old Quarter in Hanoi was by far my favorite activity in …

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  1. I've watched several random vlogs and have gotten some great ideas. I started from the beginning now that we are all in self isolation with Covid-19! I don't want to post negative but Kara, it drives me crazy when you're chewing gum and talking and we see the gum! Maybe it's the mom in me…other than that I love the videos.

  2. I am also following from the first one. You two are awesome. No bar hopping, night clubs like most out there – only amazing experiences without those. I never thought I will be able to see simple good to the core enjoyment like this in 2020. Also, so nice to see such a big audience (fan club!) for them cheering and enjoying every step of the way for the 100 country adventure. World still has goodness left 😊

  3. IDK If you all keep track of old video comments but I am so enjoying all of these videos and the scene where you two were being "scary" ghosts made me laugh literally aloud. Super love you two and look forward to getting to know you more!


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