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If you go to Hoi An, getting tailor made clothing is a must do. There are so many different tailor shops you can visit while in Hoi An. In this vlog i visit Mrs. Yung’s tailor shop. She has a great tailor shop, making anything you would like, from dresses to suits, bikinis, shirts, trousers and almost anything you would like she can make it for you.

The process is quite simple. Bring in a photo or an idea of what you would like. Then she measures you, you choose the fabrics and your good to go. I waited 2 days for my clothing to be made. Once i arrived back at her store she did some quick retouches to my liking and it was that easy.

Mrs. Yung also offers the opportunity to get clothing delivered to you. All you have to do is email or whatsapp her. She keeps all your measurements, so once you fly back home if you wanted anything else she can send this to you. And of course you would pay the extra for postage.

If you are visiting Hoi an and want to try out Mrs. Yung’s tailor shop her address is:
Chan Troi Skyline, Custom Tailor, 33 Hoang Dieu street, Hoi An city


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  1. This is awesome! I have literally never thought about getting my own clothes made but it is an awesome idea! I loved the pants and the swimsuit they were so nice! I reckon i'd get some of the trousers made in white with a dark green tropical print!!!


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