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How Do I Get Windows 10 x64 PRO KEYS for UNDER $5!?

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Whenever I do builds, there is always someone who asks about how and where I get my windows 10 x64 pro keys, so I thought I would share with you how I get them… and the answer is…. ebay!

Win 10 Pro X64 Key *Updated:
If all the above are sold out then here is a link where you can find the cheap keys:

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  1. To get Windows 10 Pro for free along with Office 365 I just download it from the Piratebay from user called generation2. In fact his releases are pretty much pre-activated all you need is a bootable usb to install Windows 10 and internet connection.

  2. i looked on youtube for free key and came up with getting one they jus put the key on screen or in description or tell u steps on how to activate windows with a method only thing is my copy of windows is now activated by organization but it was free dont know if its bad or not but when i followed the steps i had to turn of antivrus software. so idk up to u

  3. Yeah…. this actually worked for me. I bought form a different seller (ebay.co.uk), but received the keys immediately and upgraded from Home to Pro. I was skeptical but it worked, and windows is activated. I literally almost bought a $180 copy the other day. So glad I watched this.

  4. Hi , I have a question , I've installed windows 10 home single language x64 and would like to know if I can use a home regular key to activate windows 10 home single language , thnx in advance to any and all who help


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