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How To Create Your Own Custom Live Wallpaper 2020 – Android Smartphone Tutorial

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Welcome back to the Parkerverse!

This being our First tech related video, I thought I would show you how you to create your own custom 3D Live wallpaper and customise your Android phone to match your personality. Using the
best live wallpaper android apps!

How to Customise your Homescreen – Setup Tutorial (Android Edition) – [Step By Step guide] –

Take your homescreen to the next level, Upgrade your wallpaper to match your style in 2020!! Make sure you use 4k photos and images to get the best live wallpaper results.

Android app links are below:
Live Wallpapers –
Pixel 4D Wallpapers –
Anime Wallpapers –

StoryZ (Photo Video Maker & Loop video Animation) –

Set your wallpapers with:
Epic Live Wallpapers –
Video Wallpaper –

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  1. This was actually so good thank you I can now create a lot

    Hey btw if you answer this i would like to know that I have premium and would like to know if I can somehow share it with my sister or anyone so they can use it as a wallpaper


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