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How To Install Simcity 5 ^^nosTEAM^^ (Offline and CoT)

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Hi Guys thanks for joining my video, and hope this is help you to install the game. SIMCITY 5 “The Game of Game” ~BdoubleO100. For next video i want to show …

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  1. why does there have to be so many steps of moving shit around how am I supposed to remember all that and then not screw up. Fucks sake, this 5 dollar game is impossible to get without paying for, I can literally download a ripped 50-60 dollar game EASY, but this? Fucking impossible. And i'm not even going to try since people are saying it isnt working now

  2. I installed it and it works fine but after few times of playing it the razor intro is not coming up every time I launch the game. It directs me to update the game which doesn't work after updating. I remember I accidentally press update on multiplayer and now its working anymore. No single player even. How can I fix this? Please help! TIA

  3. When i press play button it always stack. (My Internet was disable, antivirus as well. Also my windows firewall was turn off and the specs of my PC was above minimun requirement) I dunno what seems the problem, ive already reinstall / install sim city. And i've carefully follow your instruction. But whenever i press play button it always stack. Someone help me from this.


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