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How To Install the Hydro Series H80 and H100 Liquid CPU Coolers

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By popular demand, we’ve posted a video of Jeff Checchi demonstrating the installation of both a Hydro Series™ H80 and a Hydro Series H100 Liquid CPU …

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  1. The explanations are as good and useful but too many mistakes. The hot air rises, from the video card, the motherboard etc… how can you say to mount the radiator on the top to draw air inside the computer ??? :)))))

  2. I hate Jeff from Corsair, never reinstalled the ram, that backplate would fall out the second you put a screw it from the other side, and he didnt even put any cooling paste on before the cooler.

    Edit: And he aimed the fans in the back inwards!!!

  3. Once installed, is the wiring connection instructions for the H80 different to that of the H75? In this guide you mentioned plugging the radiator fans into the cooling unit, then the 3 pin connector to the cpu fan header on the mobo, then the 4 pin to the PSU, that all makes sense,

    But im sure in a previous guide for the H75 it said connect to the two fans to a Y cable into the sys_fan header?…….I dont see why these guys would have different configurations, or am I being stupid?

    Mine will be going on an Alienware R4 ALX btw, any advice is appreciated.

  4. haven't had ANY luck with the modern H100s, still using my classic h100 (with the little man icon same as in this video lol) it really was the best one they made. too bad they don't make it anymore, they never should have changed it. new ones run a lil hotter, tubes don't bend very well and they're a tad bit shorter..

  5. I've had enough with my current PC setup. I'm beginning a new one these days and i've made holes to the sides of my fridge for the cables, and i will put the PC case in there. I'll just have to buy a new fridge for my food.

  6. Is this a good product? Does it cool down better than air cooling? Yes, it cools down better than air cooling.
    Will it fit your case? If you are happy with push or pull configurations only (not both push and pull), it is possible that it will fit. Push and pull will be rather difficult to fit in most cases out there, even expensive and "gaming cases" that you may have.


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