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How to replace the broken power button of your asus zenfone 5

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BUYING- Asus zenfone 5 powe button- (updates links 2019) Amazon- If most of you accept i will need some …

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  1. How many of you want me to sell the power button (india).
    The only reason i am doing this is because the powerbuttons are priced too high.
    so i ll be selling the product for Rs 250 + free shipping (only India).
    if yes pls contact me
    whatsapp- 8971100867.
    If most of you accept i will need some time as i have to buy the product..

    thank you.

  2. Hi there i wanna some help because i change the power button twice the problem remain the same,the power works one time per day ,only the volume buttons works perfectly, the last button i bought it from asus do you have any idea what can be happen? i try even firmware updates.


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