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How to restore and reset your Pioneer DEH radio

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in this video we show you how to restore your radio into factory default settings.

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  1. I have a pioneer radio help in the Bluetooth work fine until a day ago all the numbers are correct but it will not pair up my phone will pair up with other devices but it won't pair up with this device what do I do

  2. Mine is a DEH-S622BS and this doesn't work AT ALL… ALL the SRC button does is repeatedly turn it off and on no matter how long you hold it turning off and on. As you dhow you turn it off and hold that button for a millisecond and Demo just pops up. It doesn't do that AT All. Doing it JUST like you show it Turns it off, the clock pops up and does NOTHING else no matter how long you hold it, just clock comes on and your sitting there pressing it like a Schmuck. If you do it from that position, as in Turning it ON, it does nothing more than Turning it ON. AND there is NO, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada little reset button inside under the face plate.

  3. I have a BEH-X6500BT radio which looks similar and there is nothing on the display, but the usb flash drive will play so I know it kinda works. Is there a reset button somewhere to reset the radio in hopes to get the display working again? Thanks for any help.


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