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How to Update ASUS Zenfone 5

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Here is how to update your ASUS Zenfone 5 when a new update is released by the company. Updates improve the performance of the device and also adds more features.

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  1. @Techniqued Do this work on ASUS_t00k? because I'm scared of updating it… I updated my phone then it says error, and I thought it was part of the installation.. but it wasn't… and , If update my phone, the apps that I downloaded will be gone? … ( sorry if my english is bad, because I am from Philippines)

  2. Hi 
    I bought this phone recently ASUS A501CG
    its says it comes with android 4.4 on the site,but in my phone it says 4.2 
    I also update the software but its still the same how do i update it to 4.4 version
    Please Help .. 

  3. Hello!
    I have bought my zenphone 5 16gb a recent month, I was so glad that kitkat upgrade has been released but the problem is that as i go to settings>about>system update>check for update========== and all it says is sytem is up to date yet the OS is in 4.3(jelly bean), what could be the reason for this?

  4. Hello friend I have a problem with my Zenfone 5 A500CG as I can install the play store … my phone model is … T00F .. but says T00F_CUCC_user_1.15.40.19_ compiling information ..but in box WW appears that I can do to help me have the google apps and tell me it is possible to convert it to WW ?? or just I have to upgrade to the pc, and it is true that there are problems after updating with wifi, thanks a lot


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