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Install a mail server on Linux in 10 minutes – docker, docker-compose, mailcow

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Did you ever want to have a complete, easy, and fast tutorial on how to install and set up a mail server on Linux that can be done in 10 minutes? You don’t want …

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  1. I think managing your own email server is easy and not complex. I would never manage this process through docker and/or mailcow. You need the flexibility to manage the configs of postfix and Dovecot independently. Don't use mailcow.

  2. Hi, great tutorial, very simple to understand also if someone is at the first touch with docker and container in general!

    However, everytime i try to run docker-compose up -d i get an error from cli:

    Creating network "mailcowdockerized_mailcow-network" with driver "bridge"
    ERROR: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space

    Do you know how to get rid of that?

    Thanks a lot and keep doing great video!

  3. First of all, I love your channel. I found this video by typing in "linux mail server" on Youtube. Second, after much trial and error I finally got my mail server working with Docker and Mailcow and I put it on my resume.

    Thank you so much for making these videos and keep them coming. I'm amazed you don't have more subscribers.

  4. Hi, amazing videos, very simple and straight to the point but i have a problem. On my machine i have a portainer to manage my container and on top i have an NginxProxyManager and, even if i change the port of HTTP/HTTPS on mailcow.config, i can't run and access mailcow. There is a way to run mailcow and use the nginxProxyManager container that i have or to bind the mailcow access port with the nginix container?

  5. Also, a comment on an aside, please, be careful with the sound level of music (if you could). I would have to turn down the volume at the Slide pages, so I wish it was same volume as rest. Also, music is nice, but it is very loud. I'd maybe have it slightly audible. Because all of us are here for you and learning from you. I don't care extremely about the music and about it being "Fancy". Your teaching method, style, and care for your students (i.e., the audience) is enough to draw me back to watch every video that you have produced and/or will produce. Also, I am adding you to my Patreon subscriptions. I think that I've done it already, but I am going to check again just to make sure. Also, if on Patreon, you have it higher than (say) $1 dollar, always set it that low. Then, people join it, get benefit over time, and will give more. I hate when people have it like $5 bucks or $10 bucks. Well, I don't always start out there, if that makes sense.

  6. This was an incredible video showing how to setup mailcow. Yeah, I love how you explain it and really build my knowledge. I do Teach also, and I communicate very similar to you. So, I appreciate what you are trying to do with your Teaching Style. I think this is one of the best channels on Youtube for Linux education. I am learning so much for you. It is a big goal of mine to get a mail server up & running. But, I also want to write some filters to redirect emails into different user-accounts, because I get a shitload of emails a day that I need to manage somehow.

  7. Enjoying your simple and straight4wd content and hope you can get more views and subscribers to grow your channel. A lot of comments here are a bit -ve because it requires one to troubleshoot several pieces of complex technology, DNS, database, web servers, reverse proxies, TLS, and most pple are not conversant with all of them.

  8. I followed everything in this video but when i send an email it says send but not received and when i send an email from a yahoo account to the new mail address it fails no dns records something. What else do i need to do that is not shown here please?


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