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Java Tutorial for Beginners [2020]

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Java tutorial for beginners – Learn Java, the language behind millions of apps and websites.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:46 Installing Java
0:03:59 Anatomy of a Java Program
0:08:41 Your First Java Program
0:15:59 Cheat Sheet
0:16:29 How Java Code Gets Executed
0:22:54 Course Structure
0:25:22 Types
0:25:57 Variables
0:29:07 Primitive Types
0:34:27 Reference Types
0:39:15 Primitive Types vs Reference Types
0:43:39 Strings
0:50:42 Escape Sequences
0:53:22 Arrays
0:58:47 Multi-Dimensional Arrays
1:01:23 Constants
1:03:15 Arithmetic Expressions
1:07:18 Order of Operations
1:08:40 Casting
1:15:08 The Math Class
1:19:50 Formatting Numbers
1:25:40 Reading Input
1:30:45 Project: Mortgage Calculator
1:32:55 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
1:37:14 Types Summary
1:38:43 Control Flow
1:39:30 Comparison Operators
1:41:16 Logical Operators
1:45:52 If Statements
1:50:18 Simplifying If Statements
1:53:47 The Ternary Operator
1:56:16 Switch Statements
2:00:07 Exercise: FizzBuzz
2:06:05 For Loops
2:09:53 While Loops
2:14:19 Do…While Loops
2:15:36 Break and Continue
2:18:52 For-Each Loop
2:21:59 Project: Mortgage Calculator
2:23:27 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
2:28:28 Control Flow Summary
2:29:25 Clean Coding


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  1. 1:03:05 haha glad that Im not the only one who mispronounced PI. I still remember, that was an awful moment for me:) btw, I am currently study mathematics, and computer science and I am happy that I had chance to see your video. seeing successful people from my country in my field makes me proud and motivated. your explanation was just awesome. mersiiiii 🙂

  2. Hi Mosh, thank you for this tutorial just want to confirm the one for loop at 2:21:58 of the video

    As a Kinesthetic person trying to execute the for loop in reverse i got an "Exception" / error

    What i've found is that
    for (int i = fruits.length; i > 0; i–){


    declaring the int "i" making the integer value 3 but looking for the 4th entry as "i" in the fruits array as the array entries will be [0,1,2]

    The correct way after playing around is
    for (int i = fruits.length – 1; i > -1; i–)


    Wish there was a way I could privately sent this message – I will be enrolling in the course as soon as I am done with this tutorial. Once again thank you

  3. Hey mosh, you said you will cover Java in four parts, I currently see 3, when is the fourth one coming?
    It’s really hard to adapt to other tutors on udemy and YouTube because am so used to your method of teaching!!!Love man you are doing humanity a favour!


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