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My birth delivery video! I’ve never shared so much of myself like this time. I really hope that you’re gonna like this video and maybe I can show something to …

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  1. Har precis sett er förlossning igen 😍🥰 oj oj oj sååå mycket tårar jag fällt.. Ni är magiska och fick mig att återuppleva min egen förlossning. Idag är min dotter 13 år, ääälskar träning, kost, dans och hälsa. Du, Hanna, är en enorm förebild för oss😘🥰💪

  2. This is the BEST delivery vlog I have ever come across till date. I am really happy that you guys made such a personal video public. Such an inspiration for would be moms like me. 39 weeks now, living in Uppsala and looking forward to our special day soon. More power to you Hanna!💕

  3. During the birth of my 1st child My husband did the same thing to see why I was acting weird. I'll never have the gas again it made me feel like I wasn't in control and so drained, plus bubs can also come out groggy if the gas is used to much during labor – I decided to go through my second birth naturally.

  4. This was the most beautiful birthing video I have watched yet! I had to comment bc it was beautiful to watch! Mama is so beautiful and dad is handsome and baby is gorgeous 🥰 I loved your process and it’s so different then here in the US but you both were amazing to watch and I laughed and cried! Congratulations I am 17 and 2 and feel so blessed and hope that mine goes as beautiful as yours did! 💙 I am subscribing now bc I want to watch more of your amazing videos! Thank you for sharing ❤️

  5. Great Job Mom and Dad! Congratulations! Take good care of the baby and of yourselves and get rest whenever you have the chance. God Bless! Babies see Angels so when you see him looking at something that's not there and he's smiling, He's probably seeing his guardian Angel. PEACE BE WITH YOU!

  6. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and a first time mom so I watch lots of these lol but that moment of transition with the last push and when the mother sees the baby is indescribable to watch. I could feel the emotion and of course it made me cry. So beautiful 💕


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