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NANO USB BIOS Programmer – How to flash Bios Chip

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Today i am going to show you how to flash BIOS Chip using Nano USB Programmer.
NANO USB BIOS Programmer with PLCC32 and DIP8 socket Self Power
Suitable with PC BIOS repairing
· Support FWH/LPC/SPI/I2C/Legacy-parallel(required adapter) FLASHROM device
· Easy to use and Full Auto Detect
· Tiny size
· Include PLCC32 and DIP8 socket.
· USB interface and self-power
· Wide expandable with External adaptor connector
BIOS(Basic Input Output Syetm) is just S/W like Microsoft Windows.
BIOS configures and manages most H/W(CPU, HDD, VGA, Keboard, Mouse, IRQ, SMI…) on M/B
before PC boot to the OS(in your HDD, HDD must be setup before useing. BIOS setup up HDD.).
You could see below screen before OS installation.
CPU can not work without S/W code.
So, below screen is result of action of some S/W.
This S/W is called BIOS and all M/B has a BIOS without exception.
The BIOS was stored in some device on M/B(like WindowsXP on HDD).
This device is FLASHROM and it has small capacity(256KByte~16MByte).

Flashrom is similar device with USB flash memory.
It keeps a stored data in power-off state like USB flash memory or HDD.
Different points are just it is connected to M/B via special interface that is not USB and they has special mechanical package.
This special interfaces are Legacy, FWH, LPC, SPI.
And special packages are DIP32, PLCC32, DIP8, SOP8/16, TSOP32/40/48.
Legacy interface flashrom was used in many P3 M/B and older M/B.
FWH interface flashrom was used in intel-8xx, 9xx chip-set M/B and many P4 M/B.
LPC interface flashrom was used in some notebook and AMD and nVidia M/B.
SPI interface flashrom was used in core series M/B and till NOW.
And small capacity I2C interface eeprom is used with simple data(~1Kbyte) store.
NANO USB Programmer can read and write a data with FWH, LPC, I2C, Legacy and SPI flashrom.
And NANO USB Programmer supports PLCC32, DIP8 package.
M/B that has broken BIOS can’t boot and can’t display anything.
(Of course, there are many other reason at not worked M/B. So, NANO BIOS Programmer is not all-purpose repair tool)
NANO BIOS Programmer help you, when you have a BIOS truble.
And M/B will work after you fix a BIOS, if it had a BIOS trouble.

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