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Ram Installation Guide | How to Install Ram in Laptop | Hynix DDR3 4GB Ram 1333Hz (Hindi)

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Run comand prompt as administrator
Then type

wmic memorychip get banklabel, devicelocator, memorytype, typedetail, manufacturer, capacity, speed

This is Unboxing video of Hynix 4GB DDR3 Laptop Ram and Installation. Hynix is brand owned by Hyundai Electronics. I tried this Ram and also my laptop is running very smoothly after installing Hynix Ram.

Disclaimer : This is unpaid Promotion for learning purpose.

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Ye video Hynix(Hyundai Electronics) 4GB DDR3 Laptop Ram ki Unboxing and Installation ke baare me he. Hynix ye brand Hyndai Electronics ka he. Maine ye Ram Use kar ki dekhi he aur abhi iss ram ke installation ke baad mera laptop bhot hi smoothly chal raha he.

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  1. Hey guys my pc (dh67bl) supports Ddr3 ram at 1333Mhz . I currently have corsair value select 4gb ram . I wanted to get another 4gb ram but when I visited the shops, most of them dint have reputed brands like corsair,Kingston, Transcend. They had just Samsung and hynix 4gb DDR3 1333Mhz.I am worried it won't match with my Corsair ram and also with quality of the above two companies. Plz help

  2. If you love to do things by yourself and learn things then you are at right place.
    Watch this full video to know about what all thing need to be checked before buying Ram which will be suitable for your laptop or computer.
    I hope this video will help you to buy and replace the ram.

    Note : It is educational video, do replacement at your own risk and make sure to take all precautions before handling any electric and elctronic devices..
    Thank You


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