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Resetting Bios Password Dell Latitude Laptop

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Resetting Bios Password Procedure starts at 02:50
Skip the video to 02:50 for to watch the procedure for applying on your machine.

I have Reset my Dell Latitude E6520 BIOS Password very easily and you can do it also by a simple way, just follow my given details in video and follow my steps.
this method may only work on dell machines

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  1. Hello, I have two Dell Latitude 5490 and thus BIOS-PW gives me a correct Password for the first, the other gives me a password with a "[" (square bracket) on the final digits.
    Also the first one was unlocked successfully, the second one with this issue tells me that "the password is incorrect" (note that I've unlocked one, so I'm aware of CTRL stuff and so, also I'm an experienced user with this kind of issues).

    What's on my mind is the following: maybe the mapping for the [ is not as the layout exposes (Latin-American layout), or maybe the password is simply wrong.

    ¿Any ideas?

    PS: Also tried to reset de EEPROM by jumping cables, but couldn't find the actual chip for the EEPROM and gave up before blowing it up or shorting it.

    Never buy cheap stuff on internet random sites -_-


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