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Run a PHP Script Automatically at a Specified Time

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So you have a PHP script you want to execute on a regular basis. Although you could run it manually, it would be much easier if you could do it automatically. You can do this with cron on Mac and Linux, and with Task Scheduler on Windows.

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  1. My question: how to run a php function (about adding a data in a table) every 10th of Month? currently I programmed it to when some one/user login, its chck the day, if yes it executes. but if I/someone did not login, its won't, I want solution beyond that corn job, I need this in my laravel script. Thanks

  2. This is very very nice video, top, but with wrong title. The tutorial is not about php, but cron job.
    Thus i wanted to know about cron jobs, how it works and i never had opportunity to hear about that, it met my knowledge wish, despite of wrong title, where i something others expected. Thank you.


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