Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Review – The Best 7 Inch Tablet?

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 gets pretty good results in my review because the build quality is good and the display is very nice considering the price. One of the downsides is the performance, you are still able to play both games but it could be better. The battery life is very good with 9 hours and 45 minutes.

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  1. Will you be able to type notes on this specific tablet? Like download Microsoft office and use Word Documents and PowerPoint? I'm wanting to know if I'll be able to use this in lectures for note-taking.

  2. I would have liked this tablet a lot more if the SD card could be used as internal storage. As it is, right out of the box the apps that I downloaded took up all but .5 gb of the internal storage with only a small few being able to move to the huge SD card storage and there was no option to make the SD card my download storage (other than manually moving each and every download. Needless to say, the $100 price tag was vastly outweighed by the inconvenience and was immediately returned.

  3. is anyone else having this problem you may not realize it I had a cell with marshmallow then I bought a tablet with nugget I try to use the same apps that I instill from my list from my cell phone list and I could not download 95% of my list I call google they told me as long as it will say Android 4.04 and up it will work they told me call the manufacturer and manufacturer is blaming Google they can not do anything about it if I know I was limited too certain apps I would not have got it I'm sure a lot would not know they can not dose this if they do not realize it I do not know why it is set up differently than a cell that his nugget I know it's just not fair

  4. My six year old son has an iPad mini 2 and I planned on getting the same for my 4 year old son for Christmas this year but I simply couldn't afford it so I looked around for other options and decided the Samsung was actually a really good fit. Firstly, I can put as much external memory into it as I want so he can have as many movies as he wants, I can put any of the movies I already have on it without having to stuff around with changing the format to suit iPad, SOOO MUCH CHEAPER! I paid almost $400 for my sons iPad a year ago, and it only has the amount of memory it came with (32 GB) which is plenty for sure, but it isn't as good as being able to expand the memory! I'm currently paying off the Samsung tab and it's only $200 so I think it's a great choice! Perhaps a bit on the small side but my four year old isn't really going to care- he will have his own tablet and won't have to ask his brother to borrow his one! Since he lost his iPod (awesome 😒 what a waste of money!) he's had to wait for his big brother to offer to share so I'm sure he will be happy with his own tablet and bright green kid proof case with a carry handle Haha.

    Would say this would be an excellent tablet for kids.

  5. Guy keeps repeating everything, nice tablet but I'd prefer someone who doesn't sound like my ISP Customer Service Rep.,.no offense dude lol. Probably the best tablet for the price. Stay away form NEXBOOK for sure!! Also you can't transfer apps to the SD card with Marshmallow, so I recommend getting the one (at Target) with 5.1 Lollipop. 🙂 Thanks


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