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SCENT TALK: Perfume, Reviews, Haul, & Collection: S2E2

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Hello darlings! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on several perfumes in episode 2 of SCENT TALK! I will showcase perfumes that i’ve recently hauled and worn …

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  1. I just ordered the Signorina Misterioso because of this video. I’m so excited! I also like how you explain the different scents of perfume because I’m actually trying to invest in getting more fragrances. I saw your channel and definitely had to subscribe 🤗 thank you so much for your videos! Love it

  2. I had to come back with another comment…Thank you!! You nailed the Libre first impression. I also do not like this perfume and I also had to wash it off when I sprayed it too heavy. It was making me sick. This is awesome! I think we are on the same fragrance wave length!

  3. Just got this and you are right. This is a keeper. In the opening I smell sweet cotton candy and this reminds me a little of Black Opium. The dry down become more floral but this is a very feminine scent and the bottle looks stunning on my mirror tray next to pink flowers and a pink candle. Wow!


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