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SharedPreferences – How to Save & Retrieve Data Android Studio | Beginner's Guide

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Hello fellow Android Developers! Today I will show you how to use Shared Preferences in Android to store data. We will be using a SharedPreferences.Editor to save multiple String values, but keep in mind that you can also save other data types like Integers, Floats, Booleans or Long variables.

This tutorial is suitable for beginners, and I take you step by step through the whole process 🙂

Any questions? Feel free to ask below!

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Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
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  1. A good tutorial, explaining both read and write on different activities, which is rare. Thanks a lot.
    Also just to make it simpler for us newbies you may add a new activity 'OtherPage' from the conetxt menu rather than the process you adopted.

  2. Can you make shared preferences Part 2 because the input you printed on otherpage.xml will always show there unless you enter the new values… and by clicking on save button it should show us the values we saved… the video was quite easy to understand


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