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The Art of Expression: Set Design in Korean Music Videos

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Featured in STATUS magazine – Korean music videos, K-pop, K-hiphop or K-r&b, are often shot in-studio, characterised …

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  1. 00:03 Loco ft. Zion.T – It’s been a while, 00:05 PLT – Hocus Pocus, 00:11 PENOMECO – L.I.E, 00:13 Loco ft. Zion.T – It’s been a while, 00:16 Loco, GRAY – Late Night, 00:18 Loco – It Takes Time, 00:21 EXO-CBX – Blooming Day, 00:24 BTS – Serendipity, 00:27 Crush – Bittersweet, 00:30 PARK KYUNG ft. Sumin – INSTANT, 00:33 PLT – Hocus Pocus, 00:35 EPIK HIGH ft. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, MINO, BOBBY – BORN HATER, 00:38 PERC%NT ft. SUMIN – Rabbit Hole, 00:42 IU – BBIBBI, 00:45 Loco ft. Zion.T – It’s been a while, 00:46 ZICO – She’s a Baby, 00:48 BIGBANG – BAE BAE, 00:51 IU – BBIBBI, 00:53 Loco, GRAY – Late Night, 00:56 TWICE – FANCY, 00:59 ZICO ft. IU – SoulMate, 01:01 GOT7 – ECLIPSE, 01:05 SUNMI – Siren, 01:08 Jus2 – FOCUS ON ME, 01:11 MILLIC ft. FANXY CHILD – PARADISE, 01:15 Hoody ft. Crush – Sunshine, 01:23 SURAN ft. pH-1 – Don’t hang up, 01:26 VIXX – Shangri-La, 01:29 Sam Kim, Loco – Think About’ Chu, 01:32 SUNMI – Noir, 01:34 Zion.T – THE SONG, 01:38 GOT7 – Lullaby, 01:40 Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely, 01:42 BLACKPINK – WHISTLE, 01:44 ZICO – She’s a Baby, 01:47 Zion.T – THE SONG, 01:49 PENOMECO – L.I.E, 01:52 PARK KYUNG ft. Sumin – INSTANT, 01:55 LUNA – Free Somebody, 01:56 iKON – KILLING ME, 01:57 Hash Swan ft. GRAY – Wang Like Alexander, 01:58 Zion.T ft. Gaeko – Babay, 01:59 GOT7 – ECLIPSE, 02:01 MAMAMOO – gogobebe, 02:04 VIXX – Shangri-La, 02:06 Lee Jin Ah ft. GRAY – RUN, 02:08 BTS – Boy With Luv, 02:11 BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU, 02:13 iKON – KILLING ME, 02:14 SAM KIM ft. Crush – Make Up 02:18 Hoody ft. Crush – Sunshine

  2. I want to know how do they build these big sets in music videos. Especially like black pink’s HYLT for example?? Or BTS BST? Like how they build like actual houses with stories and all that. Do they rent out other studios? How big are the rooms they build the set in? What about like BTS Boy With Luv how there’s that gas station with the “Persona” word light sign on the top. Did they just rent out that building then have a sign custom made and then they just put it on the building? How does that work? What about how there’s that one scene with the couch and there like all these long blue pink and yellow walls that they’re running through. Did they actually build that? It’s so complex. They must have a lot of money to build all that but where does it all get stored after? How long does it take to build all the different things on the set especially the huge ones? Who designs them? Do they take it all down and reuse the rooms after so that they can make more sets in the same place? What about the props?


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