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TUTORIAL: How To Use RS-485 TTL MODBUS – Arduino Controller Module (Part 1/2 – Wire Up) Solar

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This video is about how to wire up the RS485 to TTL module!

Solar charge controller used is EPSolar 4215BN.

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  1. CAT5 & CAT6, or Ethernet cable is NOT being used for IP networking, only using the copper wires to send data on. This was confessing when I first looked at the video. Most people think ethernet .eq. tcp/ip networking

  2. hello Antony I have two things that I need to do at the same time, control the opening and closing of two Y/N valves and send and receive information from a sensor that has a Modbus communication implementation done with :"MODBUS serial communication via serial interfaces such
    as RS232, RS485 ". for the moment I successfully done the Y/N valves with a relay that connects the alim with one or the other one. but for the moment I have no idea where to begin to connect to the other sensor to the Arduino, I am beginning to learn Arduino. I have some Modbus codes that I need to send to the sensor to do what I want, give it the sensibility value, start the measure, and others, and after the measure is done to send back the data, is it possible to do dis with this board, no? I would love if you could give me some guidance, as it is important for my actual work. best regards, hope to receive news from you, Franco

  3. hi
    I used the same code that u did on video and I am using growatt PV inverter to get my reading on serial monitor using arduino uno and rs485 module but I am getting gibberish symbol and characters in my output…
    need help urgently!! thank u in advance

  4. Ground. You are probaly lucky in that there is an undocumented connection, but you should really connect a ground through on the RS485 lines. Otherwise, the A & B may go outside the range 'Ground to VCC' on the RS485 chip. And this is usually unpleasant.

  5. How Can I read address 30002 with 2 register? I need to read volume flow of whater. Using modscan32 and a usb adapter for rs485 I can read the correct value, but with arduino and this library the read value is different. According to the manual address 30002 is read as inputRegister.

    I'm using the mega arduino and the RS-485 TTL MODBUS converter

    I am using the IFC050 flow sensor (modbus manual link below) look at page 12:

    What's wrong with the code below?

    //Code used in the project.
    #include <ModbusMaster.h>

    #define MAX485_DE 3
    #define MAX485_RE_NEG 2

    ModbusMaster node;

    void preTransmission(){
    digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 1);
    digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 1);

    void postTransmission(){
    digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 0);
    digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 0);

    void setup(){
    pinMode(MAX485_RE_NEG, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(MAX485_DE, OUTPUT);

    digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 0);
    digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 0);


    node.begin(1, Serial1);


    void loop(){
    uint8_t result;
    uint16_t data[6];

    result = node.readInputRegisters(30002, 2);

    if (result == node.ku8MBSuccess){
    Serial.print("Flow: ");

  6. Your video could be very useful for my project. I have 2 energymeters, one that measures domestic power usage and the other measures power generated by solar panels. Do I need 2 TTL to RS485 modules, or can both meters communicate over A and B to one RS485 module with the arduino?


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