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VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo Timing Belt Replacement

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VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo Timing Belt Replacement This video describes how to replace a timing belt on a VW 1.8 Turbo engine using a 2002 VW GTI as an example.

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  1. Yes great video it's the one I've been looking for… BUTwhat do I do if somehow ive LOST the Mark's on the belt that I had due to negligence and just not knowingly throwing the old belt away…how do I find top.dead center and get my timing Mark's lined back up so that I can safely.start my car again???????

  2. Someone please explain to a thicko, if the crank & camshaft marks are lined up, why does painting the belt matter? Can't you just throw it on, or is it about potential slack on the right side of the belt?

  3. and this is how to get your timing worse and worse tooh by tooth xD use the factory timing marks on the camshaft sprocket and the vibration damper pulley/cover. belts stretch and might force the new one to start where the old one was done stretching. now its going to stretch further..

  4. wow thank you for this video, i am currently filming a youtube video on how to do this timing belt, and i am stuck at the belt tension… this video cleared it up for me, if its okay with you i would like to put your video link in my description box. this way my viewers have a better reference!

  5. Worthless video he couldn't do this if it was in the car . This fantasy video doesn't tell you that it will take you several hours to take off front right wheel motor mount plus a lot of extra tools that you may not have like maybe a jack to hold the engine up How about you have only about 3 to 4 inches to get your hands in there . Believe me DON'T start this job until you look at some real videos on how to accomplish this job.

  6. Good Video….but try doing this with the engine in the car…..After you're done, try doing this on a 2001-02 Audi TT with the same AWP engine. It will go nothing like this….MAINLY BECAUSE OF THAT $%##!! BRACKET VW's ENGINEERS DECIDED TO JUST PLACE ON THE REAR OF THE ENGINE WHICH COVERS THE TIMING BELT TENSIONER ASSEMBLY. REALLY STUPID DESIGN. SEEMS THE ONLY LOGICAL WAY OF DOING THE TIMING BELT ON ONE OF THESE IS REMOVE THE ENGINE. Factory repair manual labor quotes 3.5 hours to do this job. Trust me….you're going to be there a hell of lot longer than that. Maybe with a Golf it might be a bit simpler. But on the Audi TT……'ve been warned……..


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